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Shots Fired video by Chrome Yellow coming in January 2016.

In conjunction with the Shots Fired vinyl in store date (Jan 29th) Strange Neighbor will be releasing the first of series of videos and short film projects. The forthcoming video was shot in Brooklyn and Queens by Chrome Yellow and Eva Sakellarides and features Shots Fired Vocalist - and one of Philadelphia's finest MC's - Hezekiah. In anticipation of the forthcoming video we'd like to present just some of the Brooklyn street still photography Eva also captured on the day.

Chrome Yellow is the Strange Neighbor design and visual depatment whose work has so far included the production of these film projects as well as all Strange Neighbor cover art. Eva is a renowned photographer based in New York and generally known for her celebrity portraiture of luminaries such as Larry Clark, David Lynch and Wangechi Mutu.

All Photos by Eva Sakellarides - Brooklyn 2015 :

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