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OKP Premiere: Johnny Popcorn Reemerges w/ The Rock-Fueled Single “Love The Abuse”

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Johnny Popcorn (or Hezekiah, Tone Whitfield and Jani Coral) has had plenty of luck in their respective solo careers, each with their own flavor of funk and style, all brimming with love for/dedication to their craft. And while it’s certainly been a few years since we last heard the trio in full-effect, today they’ve dropped off a steel-toed sonic for us to rock with on this Tuesday morning. “Love The Abuse” marks the recent creative connection between the three underground staples, wheeling and dealing like pros on a track that fuses Hez’s half-rap-half-croon delivery with a guitar-driven production and Coral’s lilt as they contemplate the ill fate of a relationship that thrives on the pain. Then, just when the aggression reaches its peak, the track dissolves into a bed of feathery synth work and six-string strums.

The track comes to us from Johnny Popcorn’s forthcoming Totem Pole LP, which has yet a date, but at least one rock-fortified cut for you to sink your ears into. Hear their latest offering “Love The Abuse” below and keep your head on a swivel for more in the months ahead.

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