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A & R

Like just about everyone else I've always imagined I'd make an excellent A & R man, given the right label.

Among my list of numerous and varied dream jobs, is the one where I'm flown about to discover and offer deals to relatively unknown musical talent, bringing new artists to light, manifesting new creative directions in music, and well... basically changing the world. Yep, I've often thought I'd be fairly good at that.

It's a bit of a trick working your way into that widely acclaimed tastemaker role. Giles Peterson's compilations and shows are certainly pretty exceptional but I'm sure I don't have a network of connections that put a scratch on his. Nor do I have the coin to send Mala off to make an album in Cuba. Actually I don't even know Mala.

So, with all of that on my mind this makes for the first post on Strange Neighbor. A little page that promises to promote only the artists and music that would have otherwise been signed to the 'far too ambitious for this decade' label of my mind.

Strange Neighbor. Made possible only through the freedom that net neutrality allows.

Chrome Yellow

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